Wednesday, November 16, 2011

when judge judy met barack obama

Well, I don't mind saying that I felt peeved this afternoon. Peeved, I tell you. There I was doing the ironing and watching Judge Judy when, all of a sudden, the news broke through to show live footage of Barack Obama landing in Canberra (For anyone who doesn't know where Canberra is, it's in Australia. Yes, I am Australian). Well wacko the chook, but some of us would prefer to listen to what Judge Judy has to say. And I even get a kick out of hearing the tales of woe of the (apparent) trailer trash on her show.

Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against Obama. Nothing at all. In fact I think he's a fine looking specimen of a man. Yes, quite a dish. BUT when I plan my ironing around Judge Judy, I don't want to be seeing Barack's pretty little head on telly. Even though it wasn't even for a long period of time that his pretty little head took over the screen.

You just can't be messing with Judge Judy and interrupting her. Just imagine how irate she'd be if she knew. Just imagine her telling Obama off with some of her classic lines...

"And You Ought To Be Ashamed Of Yourself!"

"On your BEST day you're not as smart as I am on my worst day."

"You spent seventy-two dollars getting your hair done? You wasted your money!"


"I think you ought to be quiet. You know, they don't need anybody
stirring up the pot. You're a pot-stirrer."

"Two people can't talk at the same time. When my mouth is moving, it means that you need to be quiet."

"Gotta job? Well get one!"

"DON'T lie to me!"

"Ridiculous --- NEXT!"

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Monday, November 14, 2011

too much monty python is never enough

Who would ever have thought that I'd end up here talking to myself again. When I say again, I mean as I did when I started out on here in 2005. Well, almost to myself. Six bleeding years ago. I don't know how that's possible. No wonder I'm getting old if time can bolt away that quickly and easily. Who knows if I'll even keep this up. But I hope so. Who would have thought that it would be Coldplay who'd get me back on here :)

I must say it's nice to simply be able to write and post something and not have every man and his dog know about it, as was the case on facebook. Zuckerberg has sure stuffed that place up. It's well and truly buggered, I think. I haven't posted a status on there for nearly two months. How dare facebook have it such that privacy settings count for nothing anymore. How very dare they.

I must say that it's a relief to really walk away from facebook for the first time since 2007. I didn't even realise quite how bound up I was with it until stepping away from it. It really is quite possible to get by in life without seeing everyone's photos. And knowing about every time they breathe in and out or pass wind. It really is. It's a blessed relief to let go of the responsibility it all. I think I had gotten to where I was trying to live my life online and trying to please a lot of people all of the time, and that surely cannot be good for anyone. Now I make facebook work for me by using it solely as a messaging service.

These days I'm getting myself back on track. Getting my housework done in a timely manner. It's taken a lot of stress out of life because I feel that I have time for things again. Time for real life. Just Say No to checking notifications :). And say Yes to blogging ;). And what's great is that because my time has been freed up, it gives me a chance to write proper letters (yes, on paper) to friends, as I used to do all the time. Letter writing was one of the things that fell by the wayside, as did ringing friends. Just picking up the phone and letting someone know that you're thinking of them, rather than messaging them on facebook. I can't believe I let myself get swayed so far off the track of what's actually important in life. I think it's like depression or anaemia - you can slip into it so gradually that you don't even realise until it hits you in the eye.

Well, we're on the verge of summer. The agapanthus are out. The blue hydrangeas are on their way. Washing getting crisp on the line. The long afternoons. The time of year where it's getting close enough to the end of it to wish we could skip straight into a new year and not have to play out the end of it. At this point of the year I'd like a new, fresh start.

I am somewhat amused to discover that some people are still finding their way to this blog via the Monty Python character, Dennis Moore. That cracks me up no end. Here is the post that includes the photo of Dennis Moore, along with a little mention of him. Too much Monty Python is never enough.

Oh, blast. It won't let me add the link. Anyway it was December 2nd, 2007.

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Friday, November 11, 2011

in defence of coldplay

It seems an awfully long time since I posted a blog. That's because it is an awfully long time since I posted one. I'm fed up to the back teeth with being stalked by facebook at present so I thought I'd try and remember my blogger password, which took some effort at this juncture, and write something here.

Anyway, I felt like writing something in defence of Coldplay because I got sick of seeing silly reviews about their new album, Mylo Xyloto. I got the album as a download on release day, 24th October. Unusual for me because I'm still very much a CD buyer. BUT, I must point out that it was part of a thing where you got it sent to your email on release day and I will actually get the CD, vinyl, book, poster and some other bits and pieces as part of this deal sent from the U.K. in December. I'm just a teenager at heart, if the truth be told, and will get a kick out of receiving this stuff via post. Teenager in a 41 year old body. Getting squidgier around the edges by the day.

What prompted me to want to write this was seeing a silly review in which the reviewer managed to make it seem a bad thing that the songs on Mylo Xyloto were instantly recognisable. To the effect that Chris Martin must have thought that he'd have to grab our attention straight away or we mightn't bother to come back for a second listen. OH WHAT BOLLOCKS! How about he simply, after all this time, knows how to write a decent song? After eleven years of hits the band might even know what they're doing. Just because something is radio friendly doesn't mean the band has nothing to offer. Some reviewers have their heads so far up their own Areas that it isn't funny. Music is to be ENJOYED.

Mylo Xyloto, the little piece of music that opens the album of the same name, is 42 or 3 seconds of joy as far as I'm concerned. I find it quite beautiful. And as I heard Mylo Xyloto fall into Hurts Like Heaven for the first time, I felt that exquisite happy/sad feeling that comes from hearing the sound of the perfect combination of uplifting music with lyrics that I could relate to at a heart level.The words managed to tug my heart in the opposite direction of the sound of the music, and that is always a source of musical pleasure. The happy sad ache. At this age the line "I struggle with the feeling that my life isn't mine" is something that is very real to me and is very close to the "I feel that my life doesn't belong to me" that I've been telling anyone who'll listen for the last year. It's a solid, thoroughly enjoyable album and I'd recommend it to anyone who doesn't already own it.

Thank goodness that there's a band out there making music that is meant to be enjoyed. It doesn't have to show off or be something it's not. It's just decent music. And music that will last and still sound good in twenty years time. I just wish I was a teenager hearing this. This album would be the soundtrack to my youth. It would be the album I'd get ready for school to in the morning and it would be what I'd listen to while I did my homework. These songs would be what I'd associate with a certain period of my life and I'd think of that period fondly as I got older.

I thank Coldplay for 11 years of music happiness.

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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

lentils are uninspiring in every way

Still above ground :). Follow up to the below. My website was taken over by Russian porn spam a while back and has had to be closed until the admin guy can get time in his busy life to sort it. What is it today with everyone being so busy? Even my 94 year old Great Aunt is tied up with something just about every day of the week. I daresay even her 104 year old first cousin doesn't have time to turn around.

I thought I had better post something here while I thought of it because I might not think of it again for a while and before I know it another six months or a year will go by just like that! I am spectacularly unimpressed at the moment because I'm going to turn forty in a few weeks time. I am unimpressed in general at the thought of forty and also because I am trying to lose five or six kilos before then so I'm on the Sandra Cabot Liver Cleansing Diet. It goes for eight weeks and four of those are vegetarian! I have been eating......lentils. Blooming lentils. And if anyone thinks in their head: "Oh but lentils are nice!" I say: If they are so nice why do so many other ingredients have to added to them to make them taste like food? This is my point. It's like people eating turkey. If it is "so nice" why do they only eat it once or twice a year? Oh, new paragraph.

A lamb chop,for example,tastes good without anything being added to it. That is a true tasty food. By the way - if anyone happens to read this at all and remembers the butcher, well the butcher moved away.

It's just about winter here. Still getting twenty degree days but it's a bit cooler in the house now and write this wearing a very purple jumper. It's comfy.


Monday, October 20, 2008


Another quarter of the year and i'm still alive.


Saturday, July 19, 2008

i'm still

alive! Hello to anyone who might be reading this :). I just had the urge to say hello. I can't seem to get around to writing anything here at the moment but will say that things are improving slowly but surely in this little household.And that is thanks to NAET. Have a good weekend.


Sunday, April 06, 2008

where has the time gone????


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